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iPhone 6+ Thoughts

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This isn’t really a holistic review of my iPhone 6+ but rather a collection of thoughts on the device itself as I’ve used it for a few weeks now.  On a whole I love the device and am glad I got it, but I struggled quite a bit when I first got the device and gave serious thought as to returning it.

I was one of those people who got the 6+ without feeling it in my hands. As soon as I got the device I began to quietly regret getting the 6+ as it felt too big to hold in my hands and it  felt awkward to use at times. I gave serious thought as to taking my device back to the Apple store and swapping it out for the iPhone 6. The device hurt my hands when I used it, one handed use was tricky, and it just felt big. As I contemplated taking the phone back I remembered my struggle’s with the iPhone 5 and feeling the exact same way. When I first got the iPhone 5 I had trouble adjusting to it as I felt it was bigger than I was used to, it hurt my hands, and my one handed use was different as my small hands couldn’t naturally reach the top of the screen. After a few weeks of use all those problems disappeared and remembering this I decided to persevere for a few more weeks.

Fast forward a few weeks and I can say that I love my iPhone 6+ and most of the issues that plagued my initial use are gone. The phone doesn’t really hurt my hands anymore as my hands have adjusted. I also have come to love how large the screen is especially when I contrast it with using a 5/5S. In fact the 5/5S feel so small now compared to the 6+ I don’t think I could ever go back to a screen size that small. As far as one handed use I’ve found that my handed use has adjusted and I’ve come up with a few tricks that are now muscle memory that makes using a device this large feel normal. There are still some things I can’t do one handed that I could do before but I’ve adjusted and now use two hands as naturally as I used to use one. I’ve also found that the Reachability feature is rather useful. For those of you that have iPhone 6/6+’s and haven’t stumbled onto it, just double touch the home button and the whole screen will come down so you can easily access the top part of the screen without using a second hand. I use the reachability feature fairly aggressively when I’m using the device with only one hand.

I could list off all cool new uses of the bigger iPhone 6+ screen I’ve come to love, but I’ll leave you with just one, the big screen is awesome and the more you use it the more you love how much more real estate you have sitting in your pocket. For those of you who are thinking of getting a 6 or a 6+, I’d encourage you to give the 6+ a try as I think after a few weeks of use you’ll come to love it as much as I do.

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