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“I am not a blogger”. Those words were said by a friend at Automattic’s recent Grand Meetup when describing why he neither blogged much and generally struggled to blog. He acknowledged this was a problematic statement given Automattic’s largest product is I realized I could echo the exact same sentiment as to why I haven’t posted much of anything and generally struggle to blog. This blog was started last year and accumulated a whopping 3 posts I wrote within two months of my joining Automattic. My day job is focused on the native mobile apps for WordPress(more details here) and I realized that one of the easiest ways for me to create a better product and better understand our end users is to start blogging regularly.

So here we go again. I’m going to reboot this blog and turn it into more of a personal blog with random musings, links to articles I find interesting, fascinating quotes, photos, and whatever else I feel like posting. In the past I had thought about trying to post about more technical topics but after some consideration I’ve decided to keep this blog more personal and create a separate blog focused on more technical topics. If you are interested in that sort of thing, head on over to


Joined Automattic, Started a Blog


Life’s been plenty busy these days. I spent the last two years of my life working on a startup I co-founded called Crumbly which was an iOS app with the goal of helping people find places based on their friends social context. Sadly, like many startups, it never took off like we had hoped. As I began to look for what was next, I applied to work at Automattic at the nudging of my friend Dan Roundhill who worked on their mobile team. After the most interesting interview process I’ve ever done, Automattic made me an offer to join their mobile team. As you probably guessed from the title, I accepted the job and my first day at Automattic was February 1st.

Being as Automattic is the company behind, it felt somewhat proper that I should start a blog. As such, this blog is born. I would promise to make it interesting, funny, and life altering, but that would be a lie. That being said, my ego would still appreciate it if you would stick around anyway.